The Career Designers

Our Services

  • Educational Services

    The Career Designers provides specialized diplomas and certifications to students and professionals in the field of HR, Organizational Development, Quality Management, HSE and Project Management. We also provide career counselling and guidance to students and professionals.

  • Administrative Support

    The Career Designers provides administrative support services to organizations which include streamlining administrative functions, devising policies, procedures and enabling organizations in developing an administrative function on business partner approach.

  • Human Capital Management Solutions

    The Career Designers provide a state of the art cloud based Human Capital Management Solution which helps organizations’ HR function go completely digital. Our specialized team has experience of implementation in local and multinational organizations.

  • Trainings, Conferences & Webinars

    TCD team provides customized training, conference and webinar solutions to uplift the skillset of employees. Our team of experienced trainers have helped hundreds of professionals grow and glow in their careers.

  • Resume Critique

    Resume is the first point of contact of an applicant with the organization. Resume should be as much attractive and catchy as it should and should be different from traditional one. A recruiter on average spends around 60 seconds to go through a resume and if resume will not be up to his / her requirements then chances of getting shortlisted will not be brighter. Keeping in view this thing The Career Designers will provide the resume critique services to all professionals for fine tuning of their resume so as to ensure that resume stands out from the rest.

Our aim is to bring excellence for our clients through state of the art solutions. Our team of professionals has vast experience of consultancy and training.